Races of Oerth


There are a number of different human realms across Oerth that have merged or maintain seperate existances.


Members of the Flan race are accepted to be the fist human inhabitants of eastern Oerik; hence the term Flanaess. Originally scattered nomads with no real settlements, the Flan were pushed to various areas of the continent just over a thousand years ago by the invading Suel and Oeridians.

The Flannae are recognizable by their bronze complexions and wavy or curly hair. Their skin tones range from a lighter coppery color to a deep brown. Flan eyes are most commonly dark brown or black, with brown or amber appearing less frequently Their hair is usually black but also ranges
through shades of brown-black, dark brown and brown.


A millennium ago, the Oeridians moved from the west into the Flanaess, where they eventually took control of what is now Furyondy Perrenland, the Shield Lands, the Great Kingdom of North Aerdy, the United Kingdom of Ahlissa, Onnwal and Sunndi.

They are sometimes difficult to differentiate from other races, with skin ranging
from tan to olive, hair varying in color from honey-blonde to black (with brown and
auburn being most common), and eyes of every common calor, though most often
brown or gray. Oeridians are recognized more easily through their choice of clothing.


The Rhennee are truly the enigma among the races of Greyhawk. While the other foul
races can trace their histories to elsewhere on the continent, the Rhennee have separate
origins. They are thought to have first appeared in the Flanaess in the area around the
Adri Forest around 150 CY, moving west to avoid harassment by Aerdy soldiers and
citizens. The Rhennee increasingly left the land to become migrants on the central rivers,
until comparatively few land-dwelling Rhennee now exist. Though they rarely speak of
this to outsiders, their legends claim that the race came to Oerth accidentally from their
home world of Rhop. Although the Rhenn-folk have only a few ideas of what their
home plane was like or how they got here, they know that it was quite different from
the Flanaess.

At a glance, some Rhennee might be confused with Oeridians. Rhennee skin color ranges
in the tan to olive shades and hair tends to be black or dark brown, and curly hair is most
common. Their eyes m most often brown, gray or hazel, but blue or green eyes are not
unusual.The Rhennee are w q and short, with males averaging about 5’ 6", but they are
exceptionally stmng for their build


The Sue1 folk arrived in Oerik as refugees from lands south and west of the Crystalmist
and Hellfurnace Mountains. Escaping the wars in their homelands, the Suloise helped to
displace the Fknnae from their traditional lands and were themselves scattered far and wide.
No one is certain what the ancient Suloise Empire war like. Most of their former
realm was destroyed by the Rain of Colorless Fire, leaving behind what is now called
the Sea of Dust. Rumors abound of Suloise ruins and treasures buried in the Sea of
Dust, but the climate there is so harsh that few dare to po looking for this wealth.

The Suloise are the fairest-skinned of Oerik’s races, some being almost albino.Their eyes vary from pale blue and violet through deep blue and the occasional grey. Hair color ranges in the strawberry blondes, yellows and platinums. Wavy or kinky hair is seen as
often as straight hair


The Baklunish are settled mainly in the northwestern regions of the Flanaess. Zeif, Ull, Ekbir and theTiger Nomads are the best examples of pure Baklunish folk.Their skin tends ro be golden and eyes are most commonly green or gray-green, with gray and hazel less frequent. Hair color is always dark, ranging from blue-black to dark brown. Baklunish features can be seen mixed with those of other races in the nations of Ket and Tusmit, and among the Wolf Nomads and the
Paynim tribes.

Other races:

Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes, Halflings More info is available if required.

Races of Oerth

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