The Immediate Locale

This adventure takes place in the region known as Berghof, which lies around a lake at the head of the Hool River in an isolated corner of the Hold of the Sea Princes. The area shown on this map encompasses hexes E51137 and F5/138 on the WORLD OF GREYHAWK.

Enclosed on all sides by lofty mountains, Berghof is a land of gently rolling hills, many covered with light, mixed woodland. Several fast-flowing rivers rush down from the mountains and
empty into the lake or the Hool. Except in their uppermost reaches, these rivers can only be crossed safely and easily at fords or bridges.

Berghof was once a populous region, but there are now only four villages: Hallbridges (600 inhabitants), Chiswell (150 inhabitants), Gannaway (200 inhabitants) and Kusnir (400 inhabitants)

The region’s inhabitants are farmers, woodsmen and fishermen, but commerce also plays a part in the economy of the region since the trade route from the western parts of the Sea Principality to the sea runs through Berghof and up into the mountain pass of Adlerweg.

The Immediate Locale

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